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The Home of Sasak Tribe

Welcome to Lombok ....
LOMBOK, the fables "Island of Mandalika", has been enchanting visitors for years with its rich cultural traditions and spectaucalr beaches.
Directly accessable from Jakarta,Yogyakarta,Surabaya and Singapore, Lombok is a 20 minutes flight and a world away from Bali.

With it's dry climate and landscape, crystal clear lagoons and white sandy beaches, this jewel is unlike any other Indonesian destination, while the native Sasak life if full of traditions, authenticity, art and crafts in a serene
and natural environment. From Lofty, mist enshrouded volcanoes and cool mountain lakes down through terraced rice fields.

Nirvana Gili Tour ( A Voyage to Medang Bay)
Approximately : 8hours (Full Day Tour)
Luncheon : Beach BBQ sea food lunch at extra charge
Tour Code : Tour A

Many years ago, adventurous explorers discovered the dramatic shores of the "Gilis" of Sekotong in Lombok's south western coast. They were captivated by the scenic beauty and the many treasures to be found there. And when they returned home, they longed for the day they would return.

Now, you have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps as you embark on an exciting voyage adventure. You will discover treasured experiences like learning how the local makes grass roof, a visit to traditional brick factory and local fishermen house or just walking on the ocean floor, collecting shells, playing with crabs and witnessing the colorful fish and marine vegetation in a snorkeling expedition.

Sipping the wine or have a glass of cold beer while the attempting BBQ sea food lunch is prepared.

Authentic Taste of Lombok
Approximately : 8hours (Full Day Tour)
Luncheon : At local restaurant at extra charge
Tour Code : Tour B

A full day tour that offers a unique view of the daily life of the local indigenous people of Lombok, the Sasak. We will have a chance to sample their culture and traditions that date back some 600 years.

The tour begins with a visit to Mujur with its bustling morning market, Keruak, where we will witness the process used in the manufacturing of salt and Tanjung Luar fish market, with the opportunity to see one of the Indonesia's busiest shark markets.

For a further taste of local flavor, we then tour to the village of Loyok, for its traditional basketry made of bamboo and where we hope to visit a local school to see the ever cheerful and boisterous young students at work and at play. We will then explore on foot the forest of mahogany trees and clove plantations at Tetebatu and your final stop is Lingsar, a sacred temple that symbolizes the harmony and unity of religious life in Lombok.

The Sandman Legacy - " Gondola Tour "
A perfect show case of life - Nature and men in beautiful harmony !

Approximately : 2hours (Short Tour)
Tour Code : Tour C

This is the journey to the past, where you will witness and experience that the life simply moves together with nature so peacefully, no hustle no bustle, it just flows as what it is suppose to be in the river of life : Walk through the island of local village where occasionally you will be accompanied by the curious and cheerful kids to start your exotic journey using the local "Gondola" of bamboo raft along the river of Meninting, where the villagers rely their life : mostly the Sandman !
Kids are swimming, women are washing, while the birds, insects and trees performing natural orchestra, conducted by the soft breeze.

City Tour : "Lumbung - Shopping Spree"
Approximately : 4hours (Half Day Tour)
Tour Code : Tour D

The tour features Getap, the blacksmith village, producing farming and kitchen utensils, Sekarbela for pearls and local jewelry, Banyumulek for its traditional pottery and Sukarare for the traditional hand weaving.

A short stop at the temple of Gunung Pengsong is another interesting point.

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