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see native sasak tribe, pottery, etc. like bali 30 years ago.

the biggest & the wildest lizard-komodo dragon, on earth
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the Borobudur & Prambanan temple, one of the 7 world wonders
the magnificent crater & view in East Java, best for sunrise
Central Kalimantan
the orang utan, proboscis monkey
Toraja Land
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Irian Jaya, The Papua
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Nusa Dua Area
Nusa Dua is the newest resort area located in the South East part of Bali Island about 20 minutes drive from Airport, 30 minutes from Kuta, 40 minutes from Sanur and about 1 hour from Ubud. The resort has a beautiful beach with clean soft white sand which is best for doing marine sport activities like jet sky, banana boat ride, parasailing, glass bottom boat, snorkeling and others. It is a short boat ride to Nusa Penida island for great scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing. Nusa Dua Resort is a very well organized area with full beautiful garden setting around, facilitated with world class 18 hole golf course, world class hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops as well as a free shuttle bus goes from place to place on schedule.

Jimbaran Area
Jimbaran used to be a fishing village located in the South-West part of the island about 15 minutes drive from Airport, 20 minutes from Kuta, 15 minutes from Nusa Dua, 30 minutes from Sanur and 45 minutes from Ubud. Jimbaran beach is a part of Kuta beach which has clean soft white sand, beautiful sunset view, great seafood cafes along the beach and world class hotels, restaurants and shops along the road.

Kuta Area
Kuta is the most famous resort area since 1960s located in the South-West part of Bali, about 10 minutes drive from Airport, 15 minutes from Jimbaran, 30 minutes from Nusa Dua, 25 minutes from Sanur and about 45 minutes from Ubud. Kuta has the most beautiful beach on the island with clean soft white sand, great sunset view, great for surfing, swimming and sun bathing, great shopping place, great place for fun and adventure, night clubs, economic class up to world class hotels, bars and restaurants.

Seminyak Area
Seminyak is a part of Kuta Area located in the South-West part of Bali, about 20 minutes from airport, 10 minutes from Kuta, 15 minutes from Jimbaran, 35 minutes from Nusa Dua, 20 minutes from Sanur, and 40 minutes from Ubud area. The beach has a clean soft white sand which is great for surfing, swimming and sun-bathing, great sunset view, great shopping place, great hotels, villas, restaurants bars and the like.

Sanur Area
Sanur is very popular resort area located in the South-East part of Bali, about 30 minutes drive from the Airport, 45 minutes from Nusa Dua, 25 minutes from Kuta, 20 minutes from Seminyak and 30 minutes from Ubud. Sanur has beautiful beach as well which is great for swimming, canoeing, wind surfing, and snorkeling. In the North part of Kuta beach the sand is black. In the low tide people can walk far inside. There are many cheap hotels and homestays around Sanur but also world class hotels, spa and restaurant. Sanur Area has a colorful sunrise view around 5.30 am.

Ubud Area
Ubud is definitely popular resort area in Bali located in the hill side of the middle south part of Bali with some big rivers flowing to the rice fields and terraces, rain forest populated by tame monkeys, great place for shopping mostly handicraft like painting, wood carving, and many other arts and crafts. Ubud is unlike the other resort area which have beautiful beaches but there is no beach in Ubud. Instead, there is a big river which is great for white water rafting and kayaking, a beautiful rice field and rain forest for soft tracking, bird watching, and of course getting involved with the local villagers. Ubud is the center of art and craft production that this place is the best for shopping. There many small and cheap homestays in Ubud but also world class hotels. Bars, restaurants, shops, money changers, and other are easily found here. The beautiful art market in Ubud will amaze you with many kinds of art and craft products. Ubud is about 50 minutes drive from the Airport.

Candidasa Area
Candi Dasa is a beautiful resort area located in the East part of Bali about 2 hours drive from Airport. It has a soft black beach which is good for swimming and snorkeling. This area has beautiful view of mountains, rice field and villages. There are many cheap hotels and restaurants around here but also the world class hotels.

Tabanan Area
Tabanan is a name of regency in Bali. There is no centered touris resort in Tabanan. Because of its beautiful landscape in some places, people have built some hotels, villas and restaurants around the regency but far one another. Tabanan is the center of rice farming on the island, has most beautiful view of country side with the view of rice terraces, rain forest, mountains and lake.

Lovina Area
Lovina area is the most famous tourist resort in the North part of Bali with some soft black and white sand along the beach. The landmark of Lovina is the Dolphins because almost everyday people can go have fun with the traditional boat to watch the dolphins in Bali sea. This area has many cheap and small accommodations, bars and restaurants but there are also some great hotels around. Lovina is about 2 hour and 30 minutes drive from the airport. A short drive to the Banjar hot spring, the great Budhist Temple, the Biggest water fall of Gig Git and to the old capital city of Bali, Singaraja.

Pemuteran Area
Pemuteran Resort is located in the North West part of Bali about 3 hours drive from the Airport. It has beautiful beach and great view of mountains and great marine life for those who like to go snorkel and dive across to Manjangan Island. The national park is located just a few drive to the west from Pemuteran.

Singaraja Area
Singaraja is the old capital city of Bali. It is the second biggest city on the island and has a very special feature indicating the ID of this historical city, that is, a bull race performed every year to celebrate the city birthday. There are many old buildings and remains in this city from the Dutch Era since 1880s when the first time The Dutch set foot on this Island. Driving East from Singaraja, there are many things people can see like old beautiful Hindu temples, villages, water fall and many others.

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