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see native sasak tribe, pottery, etc. like bali 30 years ago.

the biggest & the wildest lizard-komodo dragon, on earth
the 3 color lakes, the panorama, the cultures, traditions, etc.
the Borobudur & Prambanan temple, one of the 7 world wonders
the magnificent crater & view in East Java, best for sunrise
Central Kalimantan
the orang utan, proboscis monkey
Toraja Land
the joglo house and hanging grave, old traditions and cultures
Irian Jaya, The Papua
the mummy, the aborigin people, the traditions & adventure

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Bali Travel Tips


Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival otherwise you will probably be sent back home on the next available flight.


Countries Eligible under free temporary visit visa are as follows:
- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Singapore
- Brunei Darussalam
- Philippines
- Hong Kong SAR
- Macao SAR
- Chili
- Morocco
- Peru
- Vietnam

Countries eligible apply Visa on Arrival (VoA) for temporary visit are as follows:
- United State of America
- Australia
- South Africa
- Argentina
- Brazil
- Denmark
- United Arab Emirate
- Finland
- Hungary
- United Kingdom
- Italy
- Japan
- Germany
- Canada
- South Korea
- Norway
- France
- Poland
- Switzerland
- Taiwan

The visa on Arrival (VOA) is paid on arrival in the immigration counter in the airport based on the duration of stay as follows:

- VoA for 3 days visit : US$ 10
- VoA for 30 days visit : US$ 25

Kinds of Visa :

Regular Visit visa
Other than those counties listed above, to apply a Visit Visa in Indonesian Embassy or consulate within the country of the visitors is required before departure.

Social and Cultural Visa (Sosial Budaya Visa)
This visa is needed by those who want to stay more than 30 days for a good reason like study, family reason, or social and cultural reason. You can apply for this Visa in Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in your country by taking a form of visa application and you need a letter of introduction or promise of sponsorship from a reputable person or school in Indonesia. This visa is initially valid for three months but it can be extended for one month at a time in immigration office within Indonesia for a maximum of six months.

Business Visa (limited Stay Visa)
This visa often refers to KITAS (kartu ijin tinggal terbatas), for those who have permission to run a business or work in Indonesia. This visa is valid for one year periods. In the latter case, a work permit must be obtained first from the ministry of Manpower and should be arranged by your employer.

Travelers are officially required to have a return ticket to guarantee that there is no problem to leave the country home. Sometimes, you may be asked to present evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay. About US$1,000 cash or travelers cheques or the equivalent in other currencies should be sufficient.

You definitely need to have your own travel insurance and bring a copy of the policy as evidence that you are covered. Get a policy that pays a medical evacuation if necessary. You may prefer a policy that pays doctors or hospitals directly rather than to pay on the spot and claim after. If you have to claim later, make sure you keep all documentation with you. Check that the policy covers ambulances and an emergency flight home or a medical evacuation.

If you plan to rent a car or motorbike on your own, please do not forget to get an international driver license (IDP) for car or motorbike. It is easy to obtain one from your national motoring organization if you have a normal driving license. Please make sure that the documents of the car or motorbike you rent is still valid otherwise you will be in trouble if you have an accident or stopped by the police.

It is definitely important to copy all your travel documents like passport, tickets, insurance, visa page, credit cards, driving licenses etc. in case of emergency. Make sure you photocopy all those things, leave one copy of each to someone at home and keep another with you separately from the originals.

Most foreign Embassies are located in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Many of the foreign representatives in Bali are consular agents or honorary consuls that cannot offer you the same service as a full consulate or embassy. But they will be, for sure, helpful to you in case of emergency because that is what they are here for

Prohibited imports to Indonesia are usually the same as most countries in the world including drugs, weapon and pornographic things. In edition, radio receivers, fresh fruits, TV sets, Chinese medicines and printed matters containing Chinese characters are prohibited. Officially, camera, video camera, computer, typewriter and tape recorder must be declared to custom on arrival. Each Adult can take 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco, 1 liter of alcoholic drink and a reasonable amount of perfume are common. An amount of Rp 5,000,000 is legal to imported or exported but need to be declared if more than that amount. Any crafts made of green sea turtles or turtle shell products are strictly prohibited as well as ivory crafts, ancient artifacts and other cultural treasures.

Indonesia's unit of currency is Rupiah ( Rp ) which ranges from the smallest coin of Rp 25 to the biggest bill Rp 100,000. Most of prices in the hotels, restaurants, bars and some good art shops are quoted in US dollars because Rupiah is unstable since the economic crisis in 1997. Means of payment in most tourists places are mainly US dollars, Rupiah, or any other foreign currencies with reasonable rate conversion. Credit cards like visa card, master card, amex, and other kinds of common credit cards are acceptable in most tourists places but in some places you subject to pay about 3% extra charge for using the credit cards and when you pay with a credit card, you will be charged in Rupiah based on the most recent rate. Travel cheque is acceptable but you need to show your passport when you sign it for paying or changing. The exchange rate is very unstable that you may not need to change big amount of your currency to Rupiah. But you definitely need some Rupiah to pay small bills in small places. If you run out of cash, it is easy to find ATM machines for cashing your credit card but you will get Rupiah, or you may just go to a bank to get cash out of your credit card. The best way to take money is in the form of travel cheques for security and convenience although the rate is a bit lower than the the cash money. But be ready with a reasonable supply of Rupiah if you go to a remote area because they may accept only Rupiah.

Shopping in Bali is a matter of art. You must bargain very hard to get the best price of most crafts, arts and souvenirs in most local places accept in the supermarket, bars and restaurants. Bargaining is a "MUST" for you to do if you go shopping to the market or tourist shops. The more passion and smarter you are, the better the price will be. Do not be in a hurry! If you have more time, you need to go to other shops to compare the prices.
Most shopkeepers are very aggressive to sell their things because that is the way they get used to. But please feel free to look, to buy or not to buy.

Tipping gets more and more common to be given to those who serve you well though in some places your bill is added 21% for tax and service but in most places, service is not included. But it is not a "MUST" for you to tip. Please feel free to tip or not according to your feeling to those who serve you. It is an extra thing that people highly appreciate.

Almost in all places of interest you are required to pay an entrance fee or donation even for a public toilet, parking, etc. Make sure you have some Rupiah with you for these things.

Bali is one of the most photogenic places in the world. Do not forget to take your camera and video camera with plenty of films anywhere you go and be always ready to photograph and film the unexpected beautiful moments. Indonesia subscribes to the PAL broadcasting standard like Australia, New Zealand, the UK and most of the European countries and the competing systems include SECAM and NTSC. The electricity is 220 Volt on Bali with European standard variety wall plug which is round with two pins.

NOTE: If you have any problems or doubt or questions dealing with traveling to Bali (Indonesia), please do not hesitate to let us know.

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