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Our pride to invite you to our own village "BULIAN" to discover the mistery behind the curses and the lost kingdom with it's unique tradition, culture, beliefs and to get involved with the locals.

Welcome Home


Bulian Village

In the eyes of the world, Bali may be considered as a wealthy island because of its rich land, culture and tradition, amazing art works as well as the beauty of the landscape and marine life. In fact, yes, it is, because besides agriculture and fishery, Bali is also very successful in developing and promoting tourism industry which has given many contributions to the country in general. But, far in the North part of Bali, away from the crowd of glamour city life and commercial tourist trap, there is an old mysterious village with its own original unique culture and tradition. The village is called BULIAN, a small quiet and unspoiled isolated village. So far, this village is considered as a "Lost Kingdom" and "The Land of Curse" but a blessing for outsiders. In fact, many top leaders and important person have come to Bulian Village and pray for a certain blessing while the Bulian people themselves are still living in misery because of the curses.

Not many people know Bulian Village, not even written in most Bali Map because of its isolated location and not much heard about this village. The population now is about 3.000 or about 800 families but many of them are going out for a living. The rest stay home in the village with their very simple daily life style as dry farmers who grow corn, cassava, peanut, mangoes, rambutan, coconut, beans and a little rice only during rainy season.

Unlike the rest of the villages in Bali, Bulian is considered to be a mysterious and very old village as well. Their spiritual life is much influenced by its unique tradition and belief based on mysterious spiritual history which goes from generation to generation. The village was cursed a few times by some different holy spirits incarnation (the visible god) because the people did not believe in them. Not yet to mention some other curses from other villages for different mistakes. In short, this village is full of curses in the past which have affected its existence in the present time. Now, there has just been built a temple of the curse named "GUNUNG MANIK SARI TEMPLE" and a purification temple called "MAJAGANA TEMPLE" to release and purify the village from all curses in the past. All our brothers and sisters in Bulian Village are now expecting a new life with new hopes and dreams to be like the rest of people in Bali.


Elementary School / Kindergarten children who are very exited to have fun with you.
Little girls learning and practicing Balinese Traditional Dance and little boys learning to play traditional music instruments in the temple.

Cock fight on availability.
Climbing coconut tree demonstration.
Motorbike riding to the beautiful dry hill to see the village spectacular view

Temple of the curse, Gunung Manik Sari Temple.
Purification Temple, Maja Gana Temple.
Farewell Dinner with Komang's Family. Enjoy the palm wine dance with the local people.

OUR COMMITMENT ON THIS PROGRAM team is originally from Bulian Village and has got involved in Bali Tourism Industry for many years and has been very experienced in taking care of clients from any countries professionally. We have committed to work extra hard to promote our village as the most special destination which offers you all different things our way to experience what other visitors can not enjoy in other places.

We mean to design this program not to change our basic culture and traditions which have made us unique among others, nor to flood our village with tourists that may change our way of life because of the material benefits, but more to share what we have and how we are to the world that may offer us a better path to follow to our future generation.

Last but not least, we are proud to design this program because we are really sure that our village deserves it. Considering it an under developed village, we really mean to share most of the profit we can make as a contribution to support the art, culture and traditions development and maintenance, education, health and other social purposes.
We will make sure that everybody's name who takes this program will be recorded that people know who have helped and led them to the brighter future.

We are all praying and hope that you start thinking about us as we always think that may someday we can smile and shake your hands to welcome you home to our village "BULIAN".

Best regards,
Komang Wardiapa
And Bali Go Round Team
On behalf of the village

2 Days / 1 Night Bulian Village Package


Check out from your previous hotel (Sanur/Nusa Dua/Kuta/Seminyak), drive to the North. Visiting Taman Ayun. Taman Ayun means " a beautiful park", the biggest and the most beautiful royal family temple built in 14th century. This temple is surrounded by moat and has a beautiful park setting. The yard is big and it has absolutely amazing carving in the main entrance and its shrines. This temple is located in Mengwi village


Beratan is a name of the Lake and Village. This place is very famous for its beautiful park setting consisting of many kinds of flowers and trees. Its spectacular floating temple called " Ulun Danu Temple "dedicated to the Goddess of the lake is absolutely unforgettable place to take a picture. It is so nice and cool and beautiful as well. People can hire a traditional paddle boat or speed boat to go around the lake or enjoy the jet sky and parasailing from the other corner of the lake


Singaraja is the capital city of Buleleng Regency which has the biggest area among all regencies in Bali. Just North of the mountain chain from the west to the east belongs to Buleleng Regency, It used to be the capital city of Bali before Denpasar. The first Dutch aggression was started from here in 1880s. There are many remains of the Dutch influence here like the old harbour, building, churches, etc. Besides its interesting and historical places, this city has a unique tradition called Sapi Gerumbungan (bull races) held every year to celebrate the city's birthday. Then to Air Sanih / Lovina for Checking in.


Afternoon drive up to Bulian Village to see Children practicing dance and traditional music in the temple.
Then having farewell dinner with Komang's family in their house and enjoy the local palmwine dance with the local people around. Back to hotel.


Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Bulian Village again to visit school and have fun with the children.
See the temple of the curse called GUNUNG MANIK SARI Temple which is dedicated to the Visible God Inkarnation named Ratu Bagus Manik Sari. This temple was built a few years ago to end the curse.
Majagana Temple is a special purification temple dedicated to the spirit of Ganesha to purify the whole village from any evil influence and the remains of suffering caused by the curse.
Continue driving up to Kintamani to enjoy the breath-taking view of Mount Batur and it's crater lake and have lunch.
Drive down to holy spring temple at Sebatu Village and see the beautiful rice terraces then to the hotel.

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