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see native sasak tribe, pottery, etc. like bali 30 years ago.

the biggest & the wildest lizard-komodo dragon, on earth
the 3 color lakes, the panorama, the cultures, traditions, etc.
the Borobudur & Prambanan temple, one of the 7 world wonders
the magnificent crater & view in East Java, best for sunrise
Central Kalimantan
the orang utan, proboscis monkey
Toraja Land
the joglo house and hanging grave, old traditions and cultures
Irian Jaya, The Papua
the mummy, the aborigin people, the traditions & adventure

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Bali Adventure Trips and Fun

White Water Rafting
Hidden paradise of Bali Island can be seen clearly only if you go with the flow along the river down the peaceful valley on a raft. Water falls, wild animals, birds, rice terraces, rain forest and there are still many other things you can enjoy, not to mention the big fun on the white water flows along the river.
All river rafting operators in Bali have an international standard of safety with professional river rafting guide who know how to make fun for you.

A challenging river kayaking is designed for those who like to get fun more just rafting. A river-kayaking guide will be on hand to escort you though the challenging and fun filled rapids. Even an inexperienced can enjoy this exciting moment because the expert will give full attention.

Diving and Snorkeling
Another tropical paradise site is hiding under clear - blue water of surrounding ocean of our Island. A spectacular view and beautiful marine life world offer you great satisfaction but only if you dive down the water or simply swim on the surface for snorkeling. There are some diving and snorkeling operators either around Bali. The have got international guide who know where to lead you and what to see and tell you about the marine life.

Bali has some beautiful neighbor islands like Nusa Lembongan and Nusa penida, which are best, visited by taking a joy-day cruise. One or two hours fun cruising will lead you to the most beautiful tiny island, Nusa Lembongan with its soft white beach. You can enjoy many kinds of fun and service included in the price you pay for the cruise like; submarine, banana boat ride, snorkeling, island touring, meals and others.

Hiking and Tracking
You will get what you pay. Hiking up to most beautiful peaks like Mount Batur, Mount Lesung, Mount Agung, Mount Batukaru and others. Among all, if you have to climb only once we recommend you Mount Batur a two-hour climb to reach the peak. Once you reach the top you will take a breath watching the spectacular view around and the sunrise. Not less beautiful, a tracking through countryside, rain forest, rice field, hills will definitely offer you a big fun. Your hiking / tracking guide will lead you safely to the part of route.

Bali provides many great places for surfing for all level, beginners and professional. If you want to start how to surf make sure to contact us and we will arrange the best place for learning and a professional surf trainer for your lesson. For professional surfer, let us tell you where should go and how, or just trust us to arrange everything for your fun.

Have you ever imagine yourself flying like a bird? Tray that.
We are here to offer you special moment to make your dream comes true. A 20 minutes tandem flight with a professional instructor above the most spectacular Bali coastline view. It is a real big fun and very safe. This program is only for those above 6 years old.

Day with animal
This program is designed especially for those who loves animals and see how we treat that they can live just like in their natural habitat. This tour will take you to a beautiful bird park with more than 200 bird species from all over Indonesia and other countries. Next to Reptile Park to see all kinds of reptile from many countries including the most wild and biggest lizard "Komodo Dragon". This trip will end in a beautiful tropical park for watching the greatest creatures on earth - elephants.

Aren't you scared of height? Great…let's jumping off from a 44 meter high tower with strong rubber band tied to your feet will be such a wonderful experience and excitement.
A professional instructor will make sure everything is prefect before you jump. You may request whether half of your body sink to the pool or just simply above the water.
Cruising and Sailing
Your day will be full of fun on a beautiful little island about 1 hour 30 minutes cruising from Bali main land with an international safety standard and fully equipped yacht. This program will take you touring on Lembongan Island and enjoy the marine sport and fun activities like snorkeling, submarine expedition, sea kayaking, banana boat ride, and great meal. You will not regret this!!!

Dolphin Watching
Have you ever seen dolphins flipping, diving and blowing in their natural habitat? If not… this is the perfect chance to join the dolphin-watching program on special boat.

Bali tropical sea from East the South part of the island is so rich with many species of fish like tuna, king fish, sail fish, Spanish mackerel, Wahoo, mahi-mahi, barracuda, blue marlin, snapper and many others. We very well to take you and we can guarantee that you will catch great fish in a short time.

There are three main world-class golf courses in Bali.
A Greg Norman designed course call "Bali Nirwana Golf Course" is located nearby Tanah Lot Temple with its spectacular view and beautiful garden setting.
The Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club is one of the finest golf courses in Asia located in a nice and cool mountainside.
Nusa Dua Bali Golf is located in nusa dua area offers s different challenge of golfing skill.

Horse Riding
The experience will lead you back to the old time when horse was still use as a means of transportation. But today is different. A horse is not anymore a transport but more for big fun riding through the rain forest path, passing beautiful country side with rice terraces, riding a long the beach across a river and it really exciting and enjoyable.

Cycling is another adventure, but also a big fun to get closer the beautiful of Bali and its people. You will start from a high up the hill top riding down to villages, passing temples and shrines, beautiful rice terraces and cycling a long the nice field view route entering the unspoiled part of the island. There are many routes that you can choose based on your interest and price is slightly different due to duration and distance.

ATV Ride
ATVs ride is very unique adventure located in the cool mountainside with the best view of rice terraces on the island. A well-equipped and maintained vehicle and professional instructor will ensure you to have a joyride through rice field and terraces, rain forest, flowing mountain stream and around. It is absolutely big fun!!!

Land Cruise
The land cruise adventure takes you away from the crowd and bustle of Bali. Driving a luxury four-wheel drive jeep (the Legendary Land Rover) along the beautiful countryside road and tracks through rice terraces, rain forest and spice farming around the hillside and hot spring.


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